Letter to Alexis (Schitt’s Creek)

Your transformation from a spoiled princess privilege to an unfettered undisputed queen is my favorite one of all time. Your idiosyncrasies as a damsel in distress made me laugh out loud, but your evolution into a fiercely phenomenal woman made me applaud you louder.

Galaxies Of Love

My love for you was as vast as the galaxy that we’re just miniscules of. It was a galaxy where like the sun, I brought a glow into your dark world, with my light so strong, that I sucked all… Read More ›

Dear Zindagi – Scene Analysis

The final therapy session between Kaira and Jug, where Kaira confesses her feelings for him, remains my favourite one from plenty others that I absolutely love from the unconventional Dear Zindagi. For a strong-headed yet weak-hearted Kaira, therapy was a… Read More ›