As my eyes shift their glance in the mirror, From gazing at the beauty you possess,To my own bare, uncovered body,That you ravish like it’s your favourite meal,I moan your name with pleasure,Surrendering every inch of my body,And every speck… Read More ›

A prom to remember

I stand at my beautiful bestfriend’s engagement ceremony today, with tears of joy in my eyes. I smile at the marvel she is, because it takes a fighter to pick yourself up at 16, when you spend prom night at… Read More ›

Sawaar Loon – Song Synopsis

In a world brimming with impermanence, Sawaar Loon is a melody that transports you back to the time when love was sacredly permanent, & found itself in plucked flower petals, painted brush strokes & savoured handwritten letters. Three soothing minutes… Read More ›


Getting fired from my corporate job this pandemic, I was distraught & pretty helpless since the month of May. A few weeks into reviving my old hobbies as a distraction from the catastrophe my life had become, I realised it… Read More ›

The best kind of love

It was my friend’s 10th birthday & I sat all alone at her mother-daughter slumber party for 1 reason- I didn’t have a mother. After my aunts cancelled, I cried  inconsolably until they arrived, the greatest men in the world-… Read More ›


She packed her bags, sliding on the red bracelet from her father. “This will keep us closer”, he’d said, leaving for the war that took his life. She had suffered her husband’s abuse enough. She had to get out quickly…. Read More ›