A brand new day, I smiled looking at myself in the mirror,Sporting my bright yellow dress after a long time I pondered, “I finally look great!” Suddenly I heard a voice creeping up on me,Someone I didn’t quite recognise, who… Read More ›


Blew out the candles.Made a wish.Used the fancy knife for a big slice. His severed throat silently bled in the dark. Best birthday ever. Disclaimer: Any opinion expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do… Read More ›

Pretty Girls

Pretty girlsMake the world go aroundFor the world I live inIs a cruel, biased oneWhere the biggest lieI’m told, time and again,Is that looks don’t matter.Yet, somehow I see,That the good things in lifeCome to you only if you’re One… Read More ›

Kaun Tujhe – Song Musing

Very few songs are so beautiful, that they manage to pierce your heart, yet warm it at the same time. A ballad of the deepest & purest love, Kaun Tujhe is three breathtaking minutes of magical words woven into ecstasy.