To An Overthinking Mind,

This disease gives you wings but also holds you back in heavy chains. You’re tied to your fears; yet your fear makes you fly. You hate small talk and superficial connections, because you dig deeper. You mirror what others feel, because you’re a mirror yourself.

Dear Goodbyes,

It’s really strange how you make everything right even if it feels like you’re making things worse for people. And no matter how desperately people try to get rid of you, you somehow find your way back to their lives.

Prayer Before yoga

Kardarshan Karagre Vasathe LakshmiKara madhye SaraswathiKaraMantra moole tu GovindaPrabhathe Kara Darshanam English Meaning-Goddess Lakshmi, Who is staying in the palms, Goddess Saraswathi who is staying inthe centre,and Goddess Gouri who is sitting in the birth place,we are having your Darshan… Read More ›