The not-so-blues

She stared at the smog and it flashed a face back at her with another round of colours that clogged her senses.

Let’s Play Holi

Vinod sat still and looked out of his window. The lockdown was over but his work kept him in the city. His friends were working from home from their hometowns. It was so that his room mate too left him yesterday on long weekend to celebrate Holi with his family on a farmhouse.

Bura Na Mano…..

The streets used to be alive with this ditty, “Bura na mano, Holi hai!!”, when we were carefree youngsters growing up in posh South Delhi.

Holi and Humanity

We, humans are the only species on the planet who are divided by states, countries, continents. I don’t find this sort of difference in nature.