Can you just believe a male and a female can’t be friends for this society? Everyone thinks I and Rohan are in a love relationship but none of us have those feelings for each other. Even Rohan today decided to break our five years plus friendship. He says, “let’s take a break.”
We have shared so much with each other. We were so happy in our regular lives but the society’s thinking spoiled everything.

Peer Pressure

Isn’t it sad that the people we call our closest friends are the same ones we feel so much pressure around to look a certain way, do a certain thing or live a certain way? Peer pressure is more suffocating… Read More ›


Sharing secrets has always been our special thing to do. But my favorite one, is buried in the backyard with you.


If you do wrong to someone, it can be overlooked. If you steal your dear one’s stuff, it can be repayed. But, if you shatter someone’s trust, believe me, just as a broken pot can’t be recreated flawlessly, the trust… Read More ›