new year resolutions

New Year : New Me

The Year that was: New year resolutions always begin from reflecting on “the year that was” and I must say, 2020 and the pandemic in that year got us into some hygiene rituals like washing our face, hands and legs… Read More ›

I Promise

This year,I promise to me,I will love myself.I will put myself first for the first time.Oh yes, yes I will. This year,I won’t be that girl whoMourned her unrequited love; andPut on a synthetic smile. This year,I would discard attachmentsThat… Read More ›

Resolutions are always Illusions

Closing her textbook Neha strolled towards the kitchen to take her plate as if she has defeated Integration with the help of Okra.

 “Aai, call me out only if the evening snacks are ready” said Neha and closed the door of her room  after she finished her lunch.