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Nobody Sees…

It spooks me wherever I go               So, I hide in the darkest corner where it leaves                       It loudly roars my secrets to the ground on which it crawls                     And haunts me at my own being.         It makes me lose my… Read More ›

Christmas Reveries

I’m dreaming of a Christmas dressed in white with a red bow bright sprinkled with green as dark as the night and fun-time on Santa’s sledge having a ride. I’m dreaming of a delicious potpie, bolinhas and cocktails on the… Read More ›

Pretty Girls

Pretty girlsMake the world go aroundFor the world I live inIs a cruel, biased oneWhere the biggest lieI’m told, time and again,Is that looks don’t matter.Yet, somehow I see,That the good things in lifeCome to you only if you’re One… Read More ›


Work has doubled. The constant paranoia of wanting everything superclean has started to overwhelm me. I didn’t have a maid even before this phase, ‘cos I’m never satisfied with their lethargy. But I’m suddenly missing the ability to have a maid.

Not just 500 days

The sad part is that your love is so beyond 500 days of the torture you went through that you truly want to see that other person happy. And yet your love is so beyond everything else, that you can’t bear to see them happy without you as well.