self love

Embracing The Imperfectly Perfect ‘ME’

No, I don’t want to be strong, resilient, patient, forgiving anymore! I’ve had my share of being good, it’s high time I want to be myself, live my life on my terms.

Hey There,

Everyone’s journey, everyone’s battle with self-love is different. So, there’s no way I can compare my experience with embracing myself to yours because they’re two totally different stories. But how different are they really if the bottom line is that we both struggled to accept and love ourselves for who we are, at some point in our lives?

Being With You

“Being With You” Hey there new Me..I am so much in lovewith you..I so hate my old Me..It never made me grew..Being with you I realised..I just had to be true. The old me used to worryalot..In unwanted arguments heused… Read More ›