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LGBTQ Romance / Betrayal themed short story contest – CLOSED

We took a survey recently with our Instagram family and came across some great topics for a short story contest. So here’s one contest offering you the option to write on two themes suggested by you! (either or both)

Why? (2)

The moment I saw her everything around me was serene. It might be because of the devotional vicinity. Her pink dupatta with golden border was elegantly matching with the green shade of her kurti and the French braid open brown hairs were freshly washed and smelled pleasant. Her nails were painted red and perfectly twinned the ankle length legging she wore.


“I made an 11:11 wish”, you say,
“Wished that I wouldn’t make you cry.”
“Your stupid 11:11 wishes never work”, I sigh at your insanity

To The Teacher Who Had My Heart

I think the main reason I fell for you, was that you taught my most favourite subject in the most unique way. Your love for words, books & classic literary art was so overwhelmingly beautiful, that it inspired me to fall in love with English every step of the way.


My 15th birthday fell on March 10, 2020. Dad had called 5 days ago, & had promised to return home in time for my birthday this year. There was nothing I wanted more than to see his face, but this… Read More ›

Fragrance of January Never Fades…

I remember I was listening a very beautiful love song. My head was down and my eyes were staring the yellow path beneath my feet. I have a habit of gazing patterns on the floor. I know this may seem so strange to many but it’s actually natural for me.