short stories

A square peg in a round hole

“Every so often, I get the worse team of writers that you have in the organization, assigned to me. How do you expect me to get them to perform?” Soumya gulped, suppressing her tears. Jessica sat calmly in her chair, observing… Read More ›


Sundays with you felt as cozy as love hidden between the pages of photo albums, with memories so strong, I couldn’t erase them if I tried. We gorged on butterscotch ice cream at the stroke of midnight, while heaving a… Read More ›

Filter Coffee

Memories of you feel like the first sip of filter coffee on a cold winter morning, the kind that sting yet soothe me at the same time. I begin my days with a tiring run, top it up with the… Read More ›


Snow may be harsh and chilly to the world, but to me it’s always been the scintillating spread of joy that arrived every winter, and brought my father along with it. You’d expect an army man’s daughter to be as… Read More ›