short story

Let’s Play Holi

Vinod sat still and looked out of his window. The lockdown was over but his work kept him in the city. His friends were working from home from their hometowns. It was so that his room mate too left him yesterday on long weekend to celebrate Holi with his family on a farmhouse.

The Question

Ria looked at them both, flashing them a nervous smile as she saw their dark silhouettes against the almost diminished sun. They’d asked her to meet them at ‘their spot’ – where they’d all first met. The tiny terrace behind… Read More ›

Long Distance

“I don’t think I can come back anytime soon. I’m just stranded in NYC, the flights back to India aren’t functional anymore, and I’m literally surviving on three day old pizza right now!”, she groaned. “How am I supposed to… Read More ›

Fragrance of January Never Fades…

I remember I was listening a very beautiful love song. My head was down and my eyes were staring the yellow path beneath my feet. I have a habit of gazing patterns on the floor. I know this may seem so strange to many but it’s actually natural for me.