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Mental health and other TRENDS!

Here’s a msg for the youngsters who are uncomfortable with their appearances and seek validation through social media by hyping how “being like this okay”

Sneha Acharekar – Co-author, Wafting Earthy

Sneha Acharekar is a passionate logophile, an avid reader, a complete movie buff and a singer in places that reverberate. In that order. She is a writer by passion and profession; and has been writing fiction since her school days – stories and poems for her school magazine.

Tere Baap ka nahi khaati!

My school bus conductor would scream out “Moti, bhaag!” expecting me to run faster from my house till the school bus already waiting for me outside the gate of our building. I don’t remember much about how I felt about it, frankly speaking.

Nothing has changed

Nothing has changed. . .
I still cry the same tears for a past unforgotten.
I still laugh with the same people who were always there.
But a fear of losing all of this tumbles down a shiver down the back now.