social issues

Family V/s society

Yes, these things did hurt me back then but not anymore. I have come a long way . But these things make me wonder if the society  that we think too much about is even worth it.? Why can’t families just forget about society and support  their children irrespective  of their choices?

Why are only WOMEN age-shamed?

An online article was published some time ago, headlines: Here’s why 45-year-old Malaika Arora fell in love with 34-year-old Arjun Kapoor.
Would this article have made to the headlines if the lady was younger than the man? Never!


Can you just believe a male and a female can’t be friends for this society? Everyone thinks I and Rohan are in a love relationship but none of us have those feelings for each other. Even Rohan today decided to break our five years plus friendship. He says, “let’s take a break.”
We have shared so much with each other. We were so happy in our regular lives but the society’s thinking spoiled everything.