Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (publishing agreement) apply for all WF1 level contests.

  • The Author grants WriteFluence the exclusive right to publish, republish, use, reuse, and reproduce the Work in the formats agreed upon herein. This right includes the power to use the Work in future compilations – or in audio formats in the future, with credits to the Author.
  • WriteFluence agrees to credit the name of the Author as provided in the submission of the story/poem. The Author agrees not to sue, claim or take other actions against WriteFluence or its operators for any errors or inaccuracies in this name.
  • This agreement shall be effective from the date of submission for a span of 3 years; cannot be amended or terminated with regards to the content submitted.
  • This Agreement shall extend to all present and future media formats.
  • The above rights include the right to make technical modifications to the Work in order to display it in the agreed upon media and formats.
  • After 3 years from the date of submission, the Author may use their submitted work to be published on any other platform. However, the Work submitted and published with WriteFluence shall not be deleted from our published books at any point of time.
  • The Author agrees to allow WriteFluence to modify or edit the Work solely at WriteFluence’s own discretion. Such changes include, without limitation:
    • Grammar, syntax, spelling and / or punctuation corrections;
    • Removal of any material that encourages or advocates violence or terrorism, racial or religious hatred, or criminal activity; and
    • Modification for the purpose of improving the overall quality of the Work.
  • The Author will receive no royalty payments/author copies OR remuneration from WriteFluence.
  • The Author affirms that the Work is original and the Author is the sole author and owner of the copyright.
  • Furthermore, the Author understands that he/she/they will be fully liable should any copyright infringement be claimed or discovered, at any point in time.
  • The Author hereby agrees to indemnify WriteFluence and any of its operators of any loss, damage, penalties, legal actions, or claims incurred as a result of breaching this Agreement.
  • The Author confirms having read and agreed willingly to the above terms.

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