The WriteFluencer: Literary Awards

Season 6

The WriteFluencers are back with more chances to win them.

Thousands of talented self-published authors and books go unnoticed each year. Some good. Some really good. We, at WriteFluence, have believed in, and supported the works of aspiring writers since inception, and have worked with more than a thousand writers from across the globe.

Nominations for this season are now open!

We now take pride in announcing the Season VI of our very own awards’ program to felicitate the literary works of self-published Indian authors.

If you’ve written and self-published a book in or after 2020, scroll to the bottom of this page to nominate your book for The WriteFluencer Awards – Season VI and get yourself and your book the deserved recognition!

Read on!

~ Eligibility ~

  • Duration: Your book should have been self-published in or after 2020
  • Publisher: Self-published books on any platform / Books published by vanity publishers
  • Single author books only
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fiction / Non-Fiction / Poetry
  • Author eligibility: 16 years and above
  • Location: Indian residents only
  • Availability: The book MUST be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and / or easily available in the paperback format across platforms in India
  • Registration fees: INR 1599/- inclusive of the books’ prices that we will send to our jury members.


  • Writers should not indulge in any kind of unfair means to win the award.
  • Do not nominate your book if you had already done so in the previous season but did not make it to the top 10 nominations.
  • If your book had made it to the top 10 in our previous season and falls under the current season’s timelines for date of publishing, you may nominate your book again. Please note: This does not guarantee an award to your book.

~ Program details ~

  • Your nominations will be screened by the editorial team at WriteFluence and judged by five external panelists (Jury), on basis of language / theme / plot / book design – in that order
  • Nominations for this season will close on November 30, 2023
  • Top ~10 nominations will be announced in January 2024, tentatively
    • All 10 nominations will score a feature on our website, link of which will also be shared on our social feeds giving your book and you, the exposure to a wider audience
    • All 10 nominations will win a virtual certificate of recognition from WriteFluence
  • 1 winner and 2 runners-up will be announced in January 2024 tentatively
    • The winners will score a post-win feature on our website which will also be shared on our social feeds giving your book the exposure to a wider audience
    • A virtual certificate of recognition from WriteFluence
    • The WriteFluencer trophy (physical), to celebrate and treasure the victory shall be delivered to you, at your doorstep!

Vipul Shalmali Raut

Vipul Shaalmali Raut is an illustrious educationist with over 17 years of experience of teaching, mentoring and leadership roles. He loves reading George Eliot and has read The Mill on the Floss more than 5 times. He loves to read and re-read old classics and states that each time he finishes a book perceiving the story differently.
In the recent years, Raut has been engaged in conducting various workshops on creative writing and career development. When he’s not reading, he is either watching movies or theatrical plays.
Raut’s WriteFluencing Mantra is: “A poor reader cannot become a good writer.”

<strong>Amanda Schmidt</strong>
Amanda Schmidt

Amanda Schmidt has been teaching English throughout her 23+ years of career at various renowned institutions in four different nations at different times. She has also worked as an instructional designer, written procedures and designed courses for new-recruit professors with her previous employer. For the last 6 years, Schmidt has been an active part of an internal magazine ‘Wordy Percussion’ with her current employer in Singapore and was appointed as the Editor in 2020 as a recognition of her constant efforts to innovate with the magazine. Schmidt loves reading Gillian Flynn, Ruth Ware and Dean Koontz. She has been an avid P.G. Wodehouse reader throughout her teens. When she isn’t reading, Schmidt loves to watch travel related documentaries online and make plans for her next travel destination.
Schmidt’s WriteFluencing Mantra is: “Read more to write better!”

<strong>Palash Basak</strong>
Palash Basak

Palash Basak has been working as a technical writer in a reputed organization in Bengaluru since 2015. He loves reading and writing fiction and vouches that watching old classics by Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy or Guru Dutt can kill that dreaded writer’s block. After having graduated and worked as a clerk for 8 years, Basak decided to complete his Masters in Mass Communication in 2001. Post that, he worked in several firms in the capacity of a Business Communications writer. He believes in the continuous process of learning and evolving and has enrolled himself into learning various creative writing and technical writing courses on self-learning apps. He is a die-hard Gulzar fan. He loves to read old classics in English and Bengali. When he’s not reading or writing; he is helping his daughter-in-law cope with the tantrums of his 18-month-old grand-son.
Basak’s WriteFluencing Mantra is: “Writing a perfect novel may take years and a perfect writer may always want to go back and keep making changes to that very perfect novel every year!”

Kaumudi Amrute

Kaumudi Amrute’s writing workshops have received several amazing reviews from students of different age groups. Amrute is a retired educationist and has spread her wings now with the initiative of her small cultural venture Kalaa Kalpana where she conducts short-term writing workshops for all age groups and also runs handicraft workshops with the help of her students.
When she’s not teaching, Amrute loves to knit, bake and conduct experiments in the kitchen. Amrute lives in Wilmington with her husband and a dog; and loves reading Christina Rossetti, Sylvia Plath and Phillis Wheatley.
Amrute’s WriteFluencing Mantra is: “A good story is what a writer writes and re-writes several times until it is ready to reach impeccability in the eyes of a reader.”

Arvind Solanki

Arvind Solanki has been writing content for various websites, brands, and products since 1998 and has also worked on a few projects as a ghostwriter. His expertise lies in writing and editing children’s books and blogs. He has worked on more than 20 websites to create content for children related to general knowledge and stories. When Arvind isn’t working on his writing projects, he loves to travel, watch sports, play with his four-year-old son, and lose arguments with his wife.
Arvind’s WriteFluencing Mantra is: “A good writer will first read! Especially, a contest’s guidelines.”

~ Terms and Conditions ~

  • The registration fees are a one-time, non-refundable fees charged for buying your book and the efforts our team and panelists will take to make this event a success.
  • No refunds will be initiated should you decide to withdraw your nomination at any point of time
  • The decision of the judges will be final. We do not share the contact information for our jury with participants.
  • Please be kind if you happen to come across the jury on social media
  • Read through the eligibility guidelines to make sure your book does not disqualify.
  • If you submit the form accurately and with patience, rest assured we have your nomination.
  • Winners will be contacted via email.
  • Writers will not be provided any explanation or feedback about why a book was disqualified or did not make it to the top 10 list or above.
  • Make sure to fill all the registration details accurately. No changes will be entertained in the details provided by you post submission.
  • WriteFluence reserves the right at any point of time, at its sole discretion, to disqualify one or more participants and/or nominations deemed to be in breach of eligibility rules.

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