WriteFluencer Awards

The WriteFluencers are back with more chances to win them. We now take pride in announcing the Season 2 of very own awards’ program to felicitate the literary works of self-published Indian authors.

person holding white ceramci be happy painted mug

To The Toxic One,

We have had a long journey together and you have been a tremendous part of my life, so it’s going to be really hard to let that go. But I need to let it go, for you as well as for me.

Recent Posts

  • Single Mom

    Nowadays, being a single mom maybe out of choice, but for most moms of the bygone era, it was not so.

  • The Joys of Reading

    adult blur books close up

    As a child, my most distinctive memory of books is my cousin’s wooden cupboard. His creaking shelves, believe me as a child, I felt the books were asking to be plucked from shelves.

  • Wings to Fly

    low angle shot of women in white dress playing with kite

    It was the kite flying week in India. Makar Sankranti may have lost its charm in most metro cities of India, over the years. To add to it, arrived this brutal virus… Your words though were sure winged enough to fly high this festive season.

  • But I told the stars about you….

    gray suv under blue starry sky during nighttime

    I told the stars how worried I was that I wouldn’t be enough for you. Or that you wouldn’t want me. But they reassured me and told me how neither of us were in places in our lives…

  • It’s a woman’s Job. Is it??

    woman in white tank top

    Aren’t cooking, cleaning, washing ,ironing etc. basic skills and not gender based? Then why are these chores just piled onto a woman and not a man? 

  • I capture each moment

    selective focus photography of woman holding dslr camera

    Capturing several moments written poetically by our WriteFluencing family on the first prompt for 2022!