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Meet the Author

Jyotsna Sandeep is from Bangalore, India. She is an entrepreneur by profession and an aspiring writer by choice. She finds her interest in penning her thoughts about the ambiguity of life as it intrigues her the most. She tries to pursue her passion amidst the hotchpotch of her everyday life. Her homemade scribbles turn into poems, proses and social media posts. She sees herself as a keen learner and a companion to anyone and everyone who needs the best from her and the purpose, she seeks to achieve is to enhance her values and abilities in all aspects of life. She is grateful for the encouragement and support provided by the online writing community that has accepted her as a poet and writer.

The Book

In the light of the rising sun

An arcadian freedom, an orlay of solace! We are on a journey full of adventures and one day all of us will surely reach our destination. A beautiful destination. Bountiful and abundant. The day when we find contentment and peace within ourselves. Until then let’s keep the ride going!

When you think that your life has reached a full stop. Just calm down and connect the dots. And you will see a beautiful picture popping up.

We asked Jyotsna a few questions and here’s what she says:

What’s your book about?

I have always believed that life is an incomprehensible roller coaster ride. We are all bound by the rhythm of time and circumstances. There is no escape, we must follow the sphere of life. Therefore, “A Cloud of Dreams” is a poetry collection of these events, experiences of life’s ambiguity, love’s mystery, and vacillating despair. The important emotions that steer us through the choices that culminate as our destiny.

What inspired this book?

A moment of desolation, a moment of solitude, a moment of realization about the undeciphered puzzles of life.

What’s your message for aspiring authors?

Never second guess your abilities, you are as unique as you can be! Do not contemplate too much on the right moment to publish your work. Now is the right time to do it!

Take a peek outside your comfort zone

At the road that leads into the unknown

Therein lies a place where you are destined to succeed

Realizing your true capabilities.

Here’s wishing Jyotsna all the very best for her literary journey!

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