Never stop writing. Who knows how the story will turn out? – Hywel Richard Pinto

Meet the Author

A resident of Mumbai, Hywel has always been a big fan of mystery / suspense books. He works full time at a media agency and reading and now writing books has been a break for him from the daily stress of life. A couple of story ideas and the encouragement of his wife, Christina and family led him to write his first novella – The Monday Murder, which was self-published and is also available through Kindle and Notion Press for the POD version.

He has published two additional books – ICE BOUND and Europa which are around the Sci-Fi genre and are available in both paperback and digital versions. Europa has been published in the traditional format through Story Mirror Publications.

His book ‘The Venus World’ was released exclusively in Kindle E-book format in March 2021 and has got some amazing reviews and feedback on Amazon and Goodreads, with U.S based Stellar Media Club giving it a 4-star rating. The Venus World is a different take on a post-apocalyptic world, something that would have been pure imagination if not for the current pandemic; and it won him a WriteFluencer award in 2021!

The Book

Bombay has transformed from seven sleepy islands to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Rivers that were once the lifeblood of the city have now turned into toxic dumps. The most infamous being – the Mithi River. Choked with sewage and chemicals, it would seem that nothing could survive this stinking hell – but something did and have now awakened. Something much more terrifying than climate change. Something so prehistoric and carnal that modern technology does not know how to stop its rampage. But not all involved want to stop these monsters. There are some who want to harness them to gain power, others to use the creatures for their own personal gain, while some are in it to avenge past monsters of their own. Whatever their reason to take sides, the question is – will anyone be able to contain the Monsters of Mithi before it’s too late?

We asked Hywel a few questions and here’s what he says:

What’s your book about?

Bombay has transformed from seven sleepy islands to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. While the city undergoes further transformation, a population explosion and lack of planning has resulted in the city straining at the seams. And the most polluted icon of Mumbai’s river is the toxic, sludge filled, Mithi River.

The story occurs in present day Mumbai, where prehistoric eggs have been found in the toxic waters of the Mithi. The issue is that all the eggs have hatched, and no one has a clue as to what creature inhabited them. A pharmaceutical company headed by Ravil Marwar, a go-getter and his bright team of Danny Chonk and Shami, engaged in resurrecting lost creatures is on the trail of the eggs. However, they are not the only ones interested in re-creation of these lost creatures. An ancient text, deciphered by archeologist, Deena, an ex- girlfriend of Danny, points to the eggs belonging to dragons. Dragons are mythical creatures, revered in China. And so, the Chinese pull all their resources including backing of a terrorist outfit called Sialkot, to try and capture these creatures, so that they can run tests and recreate the same back in China. Head of the operations in India is Lieutenant Commander, Adruk Gupta a man with a chequered past and a target on his back by Sialkot, for reason best known to the terror outfit. India being the way it is, various people also want to take credit for either capturing or slaying these so-called Dragons. Amongst them is a local politician, Gangaraj Patwardhan and an adventurer seeker, Jaiesh Kapur, who cause more pain than help the local cops. Will the team capture the creatures, or will the creatures run amok in the city of Mumbai? And what exactly is Sialkot trying to achieve by helping the Chinese in their quest? The Monsters of Mithi is a sure page turner, keeping the hardships that the city faces at its forefront, while entertaining with twists and turns.

What inspired this book?

The way that we are abusing nature and natural resources in our cities, and choosing development over ecological balance is something that made me think of what if nature decided to fight back.

What’s your message for aspiring authors?

Always follow your heart, write what you want to and not what someone else has told you that you should write. Someone somewhere will love what you do and might probably become your biggest fan.

Here’s wishing Hywel all the very best for his literary journey!

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