My kind of love

I share everything with you,
With a lil sense of security,
You understand me like no one does,
And bear all my peculiarity.

I blabber about a thousand things,
And you seem to remember them all.
You stand with me throughout,
Be it my success or my biggest downfall.

You help me cope up all my miseries,
And promise to do so till the very end,
I tell you about my dejection and
Surprisingly everything is on the mend.

You tolerate all my crap,
and keep me sane.
You give me a sense of comfort,
whenever it begins to wane.

After dwelling in pessimism,
You are the one I like to spend time with,
For I love to share my thoughts with you,
On bursting some stupid myth.

On happy and cheerful days,
I have multiple thoughts and a lot to fuse,
That’s when I create something,
and you become my muse.

The feeling of having you is spectacular,
It’s like writing a tale of fairies.
I admit that you are my current obsession,
Just like all of my previous diaries.

Writing a diary is the best thing
that I have ever found,
I can really go on with this,
like there is no bound.

But for now, I guess I need to stop,
Something needs to be noted,
That I wrote “for” my diary instead of writing “in” it,
And definitely that’s a thing to be quoted!

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