Not just 500 days

Haven’t we all told ourselves that lie?

Of course you’ve said it a million times before to that one person who broke you to bits and pieces that you want to be sure they are happy.

This one person who walked into your life and made it look like you weren’t living at all before they happened.

This one person who gave you multiple definitions to the abstract idea of love in your head.

This one person that happened to you when you had no idea what couples do after confessing their love for each other, and then experimented with you what followed – long walks holding hands, long hours on the phone, that weird thing that happened to you when you shared the first kiss and what not!

And then undoubtedly this one person who drifted away, with the same level of ease as the level of impossible it seemed for you to get over them!

So when you tell them now that you hope they are happy, how well do you mean it? Do you not remember how many sleepless nights they gave you or have you forgotten the number of times you’ve felt that whatever in your life after them fell apart, was only because of them? Do you never feel cheated? Do you never think of this person doing things they did with you, now with someone else and grimace? Never?

You may have cursed this person to go through the shit they dumped you into, at some time. You definitely couldn’t believe they could be so cruel to you. But now that time has healed the wounds, (has it?) you want this person who reduced you to a wreck at one point of time to be happy!

Hmmm. Okay, let’s believe you…
Perhaps, it was love then. You probably got over the agony of the heartbreak post 500 days. But do those 500 days not haunt you? Imagine the time you spent on whatever you did and then think about what you could have done instead.

You may say every relationship is an enriching experience and life has to move on. Of course it has to move on. It did for that person, and so will it for you. But are you really done yet?

The sad part is that your love is so beyond 500 days of the torture you went through that you truly want to see that other person happy. And yet your love is so beyond everything else, that you can’t bear to see them happy without you as well.

It’s not always just 500 days of summer!

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