Clandestine – The ones we picked!

We received so many beautiful entries on this prompt that we cannot keep it clandestine anymore!

Below are the ones we curated for this page; written by: (in alphabetical order)

  • Abhishek Singh
  • Bela Joshi
  • Debashree Basak
  • Deepa Jandial
  • Deepak Amembal
  • Disha
  • Gowri Bhargav
  • Jayashree Pisharody
  • Lavanya Girish
  • Meghana Subramanian
  • Neha Sharma
  • Nilanjana Banerjee
  • Samar Afrin
  • Shireen Haider
  • Shriya
  • Sneha Acharekar
  • Sonam Bhattbhatt
  • Sukalyan Chakraborty
  • Vibhuti Bhandarkar
  • Vini Kunhappan

Is it right? Is it wrong?
Her mind was fogged with umpteen thoughts.
But the illusive thought enticed her
And her clandestine meeting had seduced her,
But when it was uncovered, she lost everything,
Her mirthful life was doomed to suffer.

By Gowri Bhargav

Coats of beguiles with no unwavering sensations
Lies of rigid roots are declining bottom desultorily,
Air of suffocated by corrupted is suffuse of
Near reality’s rubbles trances roaring shores
Dreaming wealth, even dark, ancillary eeriness of each abyss
Ever shroud with sparkles of green envies,
Splattering venoms the cordial of puddles
Till any death of time, depressed holies will be steadfast
In spite of such fate’s unruled rule may last;
Near truth’s shore you may afoot disguised thorns
Erstwhile swirls of dusts are trying to build oasis soon and then.

By Sukalyan Chakraborty

Maybe it was destined ,
That the words that are presented as jested,
Are in clandestine expressed,
And should be most trusted,
We may never accept,
No matter how hard we pretend to neglect,
But deep down we all wept ,
As well as regret,
We think we are bound to be strong,
And there we go wrong..
HOLD ON! The truth may be hard to digest,
But it’s even harder to protest ,
Against your own emotions ,
And stay in commotion,
Accept the truth ,
Let go of the Ruth!

Written by Disha

Under the mango tree,
Yours and mine,
A loot to share,
Sweet lips,
Like the fruits, divine!

Written by Vibhuti Bhandarkar

She sneaks glances,
And slowly advances,
Eyes meet- hers and mine,
And my heart dances,
Our fingers touch around a tea-cup!

Written by Vibhuti Bhandarkar

An amorous affair prevailed between the two
The moonlit nights bore testimony to the rendezvous
At first things were tumultuous
But settled to become more promiscuous
She used to meet him near the beach
Walking till wee hours
holding hands, the two
Clandestine they kept their proximity
At night they became such lovers
The day went in monotony
Enacting the societal roles of husband and wife
Exhibiting harmony in the existent monotony
And that is when the verdant greens beckoned them at unearthly hours
Their love found new meanings under such covers
The world went on with it’s queer alchemy
Oblivious to the couple and their deemed duality…

Written by Lavanya Girish

Everyday a couple would meet
In a park beside her home sweet
But later he’d walk to the adjacent street
The beloved set to follow him once
She was alert as if carrying guns
Hiding, ignoring onlookers’ puns
There she saw him caressing a child
Giving him money and hugging mild
Her brain horses began to run wild
As he left the place, she blocked his way
She wanted to know the story this day
No matter what happened, come what may
He was shocked for a moment but smiled
He had seen this coming, he looked at the child
The child reciprocated with a wink styled
Now she knew..
Amidst their love which was still pristine,
He was related to the child as clandestine
His ex-wife’s child, as the world would mean
She was disturbed initially but accepted
The bonding which she earlier suspected
Was limited to the child as she detected
They soon married in court with the boy around
All the relationships still safe and sound
Now they met him together, true love they found

By Neha Sharma

Missing the days we spent together
Cuddled up, fingers entwined by the heather
Under the jade moon’s dim light
Stars playing peek-a-boo at twilight
‘Neath cherry blossoms, o’er leafy sheets
Canopy of pinks & whites, a CLANDESTINE treat
Resting my head on your chest
While your heartbeats flutter away in zest
The rhythmic thud with a skip in beat
Your failed attempts at camouflaging the heat
Inflaming your rose petalled lips
Your strong hands curling my hips
As our present, into an oblivion twirled
Fervor arose, unknown to the world
Butterfly touches & feathery kisses
In throes of passion, our silent hisses
With stars twinkling & gossamer moon’s ascent
We lay there lost in love, utterly spent!

By Meghana Subramanian

I wondered why she always had that veil on her face.
Her smile half hidden, still felt like a maze.

Mystery still unsolved, that increased my craze.
Let’s give this a try, decrease the space.

Somehow won her trust, we did talk aye!
But whenever I questioned the veil, she just walked away.

Leaving me like that, she felt bad.
Gathered up all her courage and sent me a photograph.

At the sight of it, ah! there comes the goosebumps.
Didn’t took a minute, I went all numb.

My mind started questioning, “HOW COULD THEY??”
Throwing acid on someone, taking their soul away.

God had other plans, wanted her to stay.
But under all this heaviness, she took her life away.

The world’s still cruel, was this destined?
The fact that she isn’t there anymore rendered her story CLANDESTINE.

By Abhishek Singh

Even in the velvet dark there is light of stars
The carousel of worries, seemed behind bars
Bathing in the hypnotic glow of the shimmering moonbeams
I seemed to peregrinate in my halcyon dreams.
With his one diaphanous touch, he entered my soul
Bestowing me utopian hope and nurturing my goals
Surrendering in that fleeting moment
Stimulated by emotional endowment.
My storms quelled in his arms
Finding a new strength, gifted by his charms
Silencing my inner whispering of doubt
I savored the brightest hues of emotions inside out.
Alas! We were destined only till those clandestine meetings
Though, we still hear our mutual hearts lifelessly beating
A bunch of lively flowers now adorn our graves
Honor Killings have ruthlessly made us its slaves!

By Debashree Basak

My heart skips a beat,accidentally as our eyes meet
Vibrations of that moment, resounding in my mind
Too loud to hide my grin.
I’m smitten at the thought of
Our clandestine love, unspoken though
Not unknown to my heart and yours!

By Sonam Bhattbhatt

She was cursed at birth,
Jeered for not being a reason for mirth.
Taunted for her complexion dark,
Subsequently, she lost her spark.
Education was her birthright,
Yet, she was denied.

Marriage made her plight no better,
Not a partner, he was a debaucher.
From the first night till date,
For him, she was a mere bait.
To her heart’s content, nothing she could do,
How to break free from this hell, she had no clue.

Within her rose a storm of desires,
Ah! the curbed cravings came to the fore.
All she wished was her freedom,
Her clandestine yearnings, nobody could fathom.
She couldn’t anymore breathe in the situation dire,
‘Tis just one life, she had to fly high and even higher!

By Deepa Jandial

She lace her desires with mascara,
Promised herself to not to cry,
For tears might take away the will,
And the clandestine promises,
Creating a pyre
gradually falling off the hill.

By Shriya

The curves on my body someday
Call it a day!
breakfree from the routine, all-day;
I just wana get away-
Walking into a room,
dance to the groove
be lost in the moves…
The rouge on my lip,
and the khol on my eyelids
are in a Clandestine play!
Oh but the most beautiful curve (smile),
comes back when I peacefully lay
thinking about the clandestine slay!

By Jayashree Pisharody

Their desire for each other was forbidden,
As their love story was kept hidden,
For their’s was a clandestine affair,
To be frowned upon seemed unfair,
For he married and she’s not was illicit,
They were each others only love complicit.

By Vini Kunhappan

They block my desires with their prejudices
and I moved towards the clandestine.
I write your name on my heart; erase it
when another name has to show itself there…
Yet continue to camouflage my unfaithfulness
with utmost grace and poise.

By Sneha Acharekar

The depth of her misery
had no measures,
Her new born
was a currency for their poverty.
Her weary eyes had seen deaths from deficiency
And watching another, was beyond her capacity.
His beautiful eyes were happy with her presence
And his little hands always wanted the grip of her fingers.
Letting him go was very difficult, and
with the trade her heart was left into pieces.
But she choose for him a bright future,
And all she was left with, was some clandestine love.

By Samar Afrin

People dying of starvation,
Grains rotting
in government silos.
Farmers debt ridden
Waiting to die
Clandestine deals struck
By power brokers
At the behest of corporates.

By Deepak Amembal

Sounded so exciting,
Intriguing, alluring,
All these names I gave
But the racing of my heart,
My fluttering heartbeats
Racing of my pulse!!
So much more to construe to it!!
Don’t know what each called!!
But for me it was purest, innocent, all mine!

By Shireen Haider

Clandestine it is,
Our coveted love;
Cherished by by the stars above;
Defeating ordeals so rough;
Victor it is,
Our clandestine love.

By Nilanjana Banerjee

Walking down the aisles,
I knew,
I was targeted by all those eyes;
Dressed in red for my love,
I knew,
They killed many doves;
On my way to meet you,
I knew,
My clandestine sight was nothing new.
Living in a parallel universe when with you,
I knew,
Every time we disappeared in the clear blue.

By Bela Joshi

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