The sand felt soft under my feet

This 48 hours poetry contest received an overwhelming response and we indeed read and re-read all the poems several times to decide on the winners! We love the fact that this poetry prompt has received the most entries so far on any other prompt on our page and we are grateful for the support and enthusiasm shown by the participants.

Published on this page are the best of all the entries we received as well as the winning entries!


The sand felt soft under my feet
The fight to resist had weakened
After a thorough lashing
Of the authoritarian waves
The time to rejuvenate was now
To marshal all forces
That would preserve
A semblance of democracy.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
A facet of hardwork by my cracked feet,
Grains were dancing here and there on its own beat,
Waves were whining,
washing away with its tears till my ankle-deep,
Soaking heat from land and sun,
Dried and tanned my restless body,
And kept sea shells as the memoirs to keep


The sand felt soft under my feet
The soothing texture made me slide
Into a slumber even as I was awake
Until the dream turned into a nasty nightmare
And I was already knee-deep in the pull
I flapped my hands like a bird in danger does the wings
Only to now watch the grains closer to my eyes
Your love has been such kind of quicksand!


The sand felt soft under my feet
The choke remained silent between my grinding teeth!
I walked along the seashore
Let my memories of you be washed ashore
The waves came in crashing on my feet
Brought back with it, your washed memories
Making the sand under my feet crumble
I wish you were by me to not let me tumble!
And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!


The sand felt soft under my feet,
The cerulean sky was a feast to my eyes,
The waves of the ocean sang songs of symphony
The tropical breeze swayed the trees in harmony.
Our eyes met with synchrony,
You held my hand lovingly,
I melted into your arms willingly,
Seeking for our souls to unite for eternity.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
And the skies seemed a brighter blue,
The winds were humming songs sweet,
And the birds above trilled at cue,
We walked in rhythm to our heartbeats,
Love hit like the waves on the shore,
Your kisses were unexpected treats,
That sealed the deal for me for sure!
Together we have also tread concrete,
Our journey has been lovely and long,
Through valleys and through happy streets,
Together let us now write our song,
Before memory fails us, as time fleets,
The years are slipping faster along!


The sand felt soft under my feet.
Waves crashing on the shore;
Took away all it’s heat.
Rendered it loose,
engulfing my legs.
Let me tan your feet;
The poor sun begs.
With my feet being safe,
I wandered even far.
Didn’t look down, was busy chasing a star.
With sand now reaching the level of my knees.
Damn! It’s quick sand! Someone save me please.


The sand felt soft under my feet
Seeping in me some memories
Forgotten and submerged in mind waves
Though it still increased my heart beat
The feel of cold waves touching my feet
Took me to a place in my mind castle
Which was locked and key forgotten
With a sigh, I again skipped a beat
Reminiscence of that night
In which the youthful romance took full flight
Me and you hand in hand
One upon another submerged in sand
Like at the horizon now
The sun is touching the sea
You and me touched
Body, Heart and Soul
And as the sun dips into the sea
We were lost into each other
With nothing but the
Sound of waves and
The soft wet sand under the feet.


The sand felt soft under my feet
Sensation tingles toes to heel
Then all the way up to the knee
Can my life roam and be as free?
If only, maybe, and sometimes
Pulsate malleable, flexible
Coming home to secrets means
A life in an aquarium

The sand felt soft under my feet,
And then, I felt it shifting.
Quick and agile, more than I,
All my dreams were drifting.
Reached out for you with desperate cries,
But you were placid, you didn’t try.
I felt the horror in my eyes
As I collapsed, asking me, “Why?”


The sand felt soft under my feet,
As I followed my mom’s foot print,
Looked back to see my little one do the same stint,
These waves my dear will wash it away,
I want you to know i can guide you the way,
Your path has to be your choice,
Not the opinions we voice,
Like the trails on the sand
Life is no magic wand,
But like my mother I will do my best
I Promise, Till I retire to rest.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
finally felt good to be under this scorching heat.
Life is a bed of roses,
the thorns are hidden under the blanket.
We all have heard this tale,
but don’t we still end up feeling suffocated?
How would we know the struggle of getting up,
and finding our broken pieces,
if we never stumbled on the road,
and fell on our knees?
So cry your heart out sweetheart,
and don’t promise to never cry again,
but instead, promise to fight back,
never let those tears go in vain.


The sand felt soft under my feet
As I strolled through the seacoast
The crabs played hide-and-seek
With oysters washed ashore that’s smooth and sleek
The rhythmic waves talked to me all day
And sing to me through the night
The sweet smell of the sand that’s wet with waves
Is something, I, time and again, crave
The wind playfully sprayed the waves on my cheeks
Leaving a salty taste that confluence with my tears
The touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste of the blue waves
Never failed to entice my senses
Just like the ocean is boundless
My love for it is also endless


The sand felt soft under my feet,
In the evening dusk, it was slowly losing its heat.
Slipping through my toes it was so very silky,
And fell around my feet in crispy heaps smoothly.
The beach has enthralled me all my life,
The rhythmic flow of waves melts away my strife.
The blueness of the sea is so very calming,
I love to skirt the waves quietly walking.
The fading light at this witching hour,
Casts a tranquil spell and it does empower;
To take on the world and face any challenges,
With its magic our disarrayed chakras it again re-balances.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
Just like touching a baby’s feet.
I looked below to admire,
The beautiful print I left in there.
I gazed at it for a while,
And slowly I did smile.
The thoughts that crossed my mind
Had me really in two minds.
I wished to stay there forever,
In the gurgling lap of nature.
But my mundane tasks beckoned me
And turned away the reluctant me.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
As I set out on the path of no return!
The decision hard!
Feelings stoic!
Finally! I broke all the chains!
Of repression!
Unshackled , Unchained!
I set out on a new path!
Only the sand soft!
So far!
Know not! What lays ahead!


The sand felt soft under my feet,
and calmed the shaking of my being.
Floating with the rolling waves
Deep in the azure of the summer sea.
Feeling the gentle breeze in my hair,
The warm water was true serenity.
I felt something passing
under my paddling feet,
I looked down to find
A large silver fin fading.
Abruptly my heart’s pounding
My arms pushing the water
At maximum speed.
On my mind was just one thing:
“Safety is ashore, keep swimming”.
The shore looked closer,
The pounding was all I could hear.
I ignored the soreness in my body
And kept pushing
the mencing water away.
At last,
I arrived to the safety of the land.
A heavy sigh of relief,
I had survived the big fish.
As I walked away from the deadly sea
My footsteps in sand telling the tale
That a surviving poet was here.


The sand felt soft under the feet
Your baked skin and my blush.
The sea glittering like gold,
And the sea breeze trying to
connect our soul.
Sitting close to you,
feeling your heart race
My hair effortlessly
running on your face.
And then you try playing with it
Your fingers touching my hair.
In that moment a constant stare.
You feeling my lips through your eyes
And just as you leant forward,
I woke up.


The sand felt soft under my feet
The sea breeze caressed my face
It’s only when I closely looked
The waves, they bore your face
I ran ahead for a gentle embrace
But the waves they did retreat
And then again I saw your face
This time in the swaying palm trees
We become one with the elements
What they say is true
Earth, water, fire, metal
Wherever I look, it’s you..


The sand felt soft under my feet
Stepped along with the ocean’s feat
The friction between my skin scales and sand crystals
Was as tender as the feather’s tickles
I gulped enough oxygen
Dared to do exit from the ocean
I Was longing for the days to see you
Imagined us sitting on the shore
Where I could be very near you
But I was running out time
Throat got chocked, was dying to breathe
Wish I could please the time to freeze
Countdown had started from ten
You haven’t came by then
Time was up!
and I came back to my ocean


The sand felt soft under my feet,
When the sea waves where addressing me with a warm greet,
Feeling the cold breeze, the mind was at peace,
Where for a moment the pain was ceased,
The memories started to cherish with all the smiles,
As if, it was lost for a while,
The heart was busy in soul talk,
Whereas the legs were eagerly waiting for a walk,
The soul was set free,
To have a talk with the blue sea.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
My footprints it was carefully sculpting,
An awakening moment, thus, I came across,
As I introspected on my contribution to this world,
Now it was time for being grateful for the bounties I had enjoyed,
In living life to the fullest I should lift others and spread joy,
Sprinkling a little of my genuine sparkle wherever I went,
I would now ensure my footprints carried a message, grave and clear.


The sand felt soft under my feet
Glitter of sun rays on our seat
Emerald hills and turquoise seas
Endless canvas brushed with trees
Timeless sea breezes
The sight of eternal waves pleases
Sprinkle splash between my toes
Smell of ocean to my nose
The broad sun with divinity
Sinking down in its serenity
Shapes the surrounding with peace
Letting my energy increase!!!


The sand felt soft under my feet
Echoing how your heart held my dreams
Rogue moon chases it’s light
Cascading a dance upon inky sea
Breath in sync with waves
Dissolving on the tongue of life
I sink and drop into a holy place
Two years since you left this earth
But here I’m reminded
where you stay


The sand felt soft under my feet
Treading the beach
Feeling the waves
Splashing against my face
The setting sun on the horizon
Experiencing the ultimate communion
Oneness of the whole creation
Revealed in the moment of reflection!


The sand felt soft under my feet,
the water cold, and the sea air fresh and sweet.
My senses come alive as I look out
into the horizon capturing heaven and earth
in a single glance of endless indigo ocean.
The warmth of the sun on my back
combined with your hand in mine
calms my restless soul
and my tears glisten like waves of utter bliss.


The sand felt soft under my feet
No more cruel pebbles will defeat me
The sand took me to the heavens
World is so peaceful here no one can bully me
O’mother your queen is safe here
People don’t touch me inappropriately here
I can breathe and roam freely here
O’mother your queen is safe here
The sand of heaven felt soft to my deep scars
O’mother the sand felt soft under my feet
I can flee till the midnight
I can be in my own skin
Angels are as sweet as strawberries
They treat your queen as a fairies
O’mother your queen is safe here!


The sand felt soft under my feet
It seemed to drag away all my negativity
The cold water brought me out of my reverie
I had waded into the waters subconsciously
And that’s when the gravity of my actions
hit me hard
I stopped in my tracks and took in natures bounty
The quagmire that I found myself in seemed now to be such a pity
Undeterred by life and it’s challenges
I decided to move on
Tread on the beautiful shores
Not to tackle the deep waters head-on


The sand felt soft under my feet,
And in awe of the scene I took a seat.
The love of my life no one can defeat,
Every meet is by way of an entreat.
Hug of the winds my body’s longing to feel,
Unalloyed warmth my heart’s yearning to seal.
That serendipity my mind’s awaiting to seek,
Chilly touches of the wave for what I am weak.
After all isn’t it my most dreamt fantasy,
To live in the lands of unending rhapsody.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
A gentle reminder of how far I had come.
Six months ago,
I thought I would never feel again.
And there I was,
Feeling the Earth beneath my feet as
I moved forward,
Leaving only footprints behind.

mind.whisperer (Poem of the day winner)

The sand felt soft under my feet
Yet it burned with a passion that
Left scorching scars and pain
That I felt for days and will remember for eternity
That is how I fall in love
Softly, steadily and then all at once
Burning with passion and desires
Leaving marks that will remain
For an eternity
Thats how you thought of me
Soft cushioned bag
Everything will bounce of her
Just keep on throwing
You thought I was dispensable
I let you believe in it
I was just there for you
By losing myself in unknown territories
All of that burned me again
And shaped a different me
I love you still softly and passionately
But I choose not to be burnt by you anymore
Now you have to earn me
And keep on earning
For I have risen from the ashes and
This phoenix will now touch the skies it belongs to!


Chromatic Colours
The sand felt soft under my feet
Amidst the nomadic umber brown
A Desert as grandiose to fleet
With humps of the divine bending down
Glimpsing the hypothetical universes collide
In the magical colours of the sky
In shades humans can’t decide
Of infinite pigments of dye
Perceiving the potential of the waves
In the deep cerulean blue sea
To hear the whispers of the braves
As the sirens called out to me
Whiffing the blood of civil war
In the red that spilled above
When the sun touched the horizon bar
And painted it in ardent love
In the lush green of open meadows
And the calming call of a mild breeze
The exuberant touch of nature shadows
Lies the resounding of rustling leaves
In the whites of scattered clouds
And in the greys of every crease
On the faces of unhappy scowls
And the ruffled feathers of peace
On serene, moonless nights
Shrouded in black mystery
The minimalism of design frights
The curled fist of history
When each shade holds an exquisite story
Of pumping blood, of deeper oceans
There’s a beauty in every colour’s glory
In every hue, and in every emotion.


The sand felt soft under my feet
When the restive, briny waves pulse upon the shore
In steady rhythmic beat.
In upon the crest of bonny waves
Rides your indelible memories heaped in piles
Ahhh.. your presence, still my soul craves.
Reminiscing those jovial and euphoric days
Lulled by your love
Eclectic emotions were set ablaze.
Those overlapping carved initials on the beach
Echoes deep
Still unblemished, despite being put to sleep.
I calm my weltering turbulence
Gazing at the rhythmic percussion of waves on sand
Allowing myself to savor my fluency in silence.


The sand felt soft under my feet. Tender Mellow lights, amidst those starry nights.
Lushy was face, Glittery were eyes.
Hearts were innocent, childish was smile.
Ravened souls, packed off wid those truths and bitchy lies.
Yet, no grin on those faces, calmness was their domicile.
And With that heaviness on heart , They are to travel miles.


The sand felt soft under my feet,
when the mars and my foot met
The deimos enlighted my path,
while gravity did the math
I am now far from earth,
where I was given birth
The curiosity rover displayed salutation,
when I reached my destination
It was a adorable red planet,
where there were no gannet
If the mars had water,
I’d have brought my daughter
I’ll better live in mars,
while gazing all the stars.


The sand felt soft under my feet.
The same way our bodies touched under the sheet.
With each step I took, I liked this feeling of sinking down,
whilst being strong enough to hold my crown.
There was a slow breeze coming through,
reminding me of moments spent with you.
Reminiscing those beautiful memories,
the sand felt softer under my feet.

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