Deepak Amembal – Co-author, SPENT

Deepak Amembal, popularly known as Magiceye (his nom de plume online) is passionate about
travel, photography and writing and that order can be reordered all the time.


A post graduate in Sociology from the Bombay University, he taught for a short while in a college before joining Air India from where he retired a decade back and started indulging full time in his passions which were rather neglected during his 9 to 5 job. He firmly believed that a traveller can never be ethnocentric and would imbibe the various goodness from various cultures experienced.

Sharing these experiences widely came naturally hence blogging was a no brainer. Waxing poetic or revelling in prose he loved sharing what he saw and experienced. His journey continues along a learning curve that does not dip.

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