Mayank Dhar – Co-author, SPENT

Mayank Dhar, a writer from Delhi-NCR has a career spanning across journalism and corporate communication. He began his career with a renowned newspaper The Pioneer and has also been a part of NGO like Sri Aurobindo Society. He has structured some very prominent education programs along with the non government organizations across the country. Mayank has done his school and college education from Delhi.


Mayank writes with the pen name culpritwords and is a widely acclaimed poet and writer across many social networking sites. He has co-authored many books including international anthologies.

WriteFluencing Mantra:

Mayank enjoys his writing and for him “The best felt is best penned” is his writing mantra. He believes that one has to enjoy his own writing first for others to enjoy them. He appreciates his father, a famous hindi poet and believes his love for writing started at his home only.


Favorite books:

Mayank is an avid reader and his favorite books are Art of war, The Spiritual crisis of a Man and Mein Kampf. His favorite authors is Ruzbaeh Barucha, Sun tzu,Robert kiyosaki and Paul Brunton

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