Why do some people run away from love

1. They have not found that one person who makes them believe in the concept of love. They have seen people being attracted to each other and then losing the attraction after a point of time. But what about a love that stays permanent?

2. They are busy enjoying themselves.
They are engaged in living their lives and making the most of it. Let them focus on what they really want.

3. They may not be meant for that.
Not everybody born over this planet has been assigned a mission to love!!! There are an eternal of other massive things for which you have been here.

4. They are not ready for the love that this generation offers.
They are just done with the patch-ups and break-ups, the unwanted so-called rituals of the modern love recipe.

5. They hate the idea of love people expect.
Bring them flowers, do them shopping, those good morning and good night messages, regular meet-ups, long call durations, expensive gifts, love emojis, etc. Ughhh, too much!!!


6. Someone might have made them regret that action.
We all know what this indicates and it is not easy to overcome that. So let the person take time and decide themselves if they want it or not.

7. They are still mending themselves so that their broken pieces don’t pierce through others.
Appreciate these people. They care for others too while in the process of learning to care for themselves.

8. They don’t want to love any person as of now
These rare people are happy by themselves and so let them be. It’s not necessary to find love in other person. Love can be in anything we want.

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