Winter is Here

woman wearing winter jacket and beanie

Knock, knock!! Winter is here,
I am the king of all seasons,
I compel everybody to loosen their treasure
To escape from me, use all safety measures.
None can tolerate me without a protective shield,
Of body warmers, gloves and shocks.

It’s time for mankind to switch off the fans, air conditioners and coolers,
I help in cutting down a middle man’s budget likewise.
I am the season of savoury vegetables, soups and salads,
The market is full of nutritious vegetables with my arrival.

When the air of cold breeze causes a sensation on your skin,
Be knowledgeable that l am in.
I change my course with the path of the sun,
People love to bask in the sun when l am near,
When l arrive, even the scorching heat of the sun seems dear.

People prefer to remain outside or the rooftops during the day,
All are locked inside when the sun starts caching inside the sky.
Sometimes, l become severe and cover the sun with fog and mist,
The Earth becomes immovable by my arrogance at times.

I can hear mothers shouting at their younglings, “Put on your sweaters, do not open your caps, it’s cold outside.”
At places, people can’t tolerate me without room heaters,
Poor people light bonfires to keep themselves warm.

I am a season of outdoor games and entertainment,
Badminton is my favourite recreation.
I am the harbinger of positivity,
I bring along Santa-Claus dancing on a sledge,
I embrace the Christmas festivities wholeheartedly.
I bid goodbye to the previous year,
I welcome the new year enthusiastically.

I am a messenger of the harvest season,
I see the universe rejoice with merriment.
I slow down my pace when l am about to depart,
You can infer my departure when the sunlight becomes intense.
With new hopes and aspirations, l promise to return after seven months.

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