Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

It’s the Christmassy time of the year again and we hear a lot of bells jingling today.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Here are the winners of the weekly contest. (Top Three first – and this was a very tough decision to make)

hanging christmas bells decors

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


Jingling bells juggling over frosty buffers
Iridescent lights twirling over spine conifers,
Nascent snowflakes begin to settle on the ground
Ginger bread getting baked in oven, deep and profound,
Laments forsaken leaving only love all around
Ecstatic celebrations, the muses they surround,
Brethren breathing the same air filled with love
Eternal love sprouting with the mellow mistletoe above,
Long awaited Holy Christmas is finally here
Lingering longings fulfilled, the souls they endear, for
Santa’s on his way, jingling bells, over his reindeer.


Jubilation rings the hour of mid time
Inaugurating the arrival of Santa
Navigating through the northern lights
Greeting the wishes of ending days
Leading the steps of new phase
Exaltation elevates on every face.
Banquet of lifted spirits
Elves stitching the gifts with ribbons and lace
Lubricating the joys of every house
Little ride on sleigh above
Setting out to deliver the presents before time.


Jingle bell is on the way
To prove the December of the days.
Well, the new year is gonna lay,
May the new spring brings the ray.
Night Light swifts the day,
Level of clay dole are laid
Below the decorated grey
And Let Jan 1 bring the golden ray.


The wind is crisp and cold,
It’s time to ring in the new and out the old!
The air is full of a thick and festive vibe,
It’s time to bury the hatchet and rejoice!
The land decks up in a veil so white and pristine,
It’s time to indulge in the joy of gifting!
The city is decked up in boughs of holly,
It’s time to dress up and be more jolly!
Its that time of the year when he arrives with a jingle,
And fills up those eyes with hope, joy, and twinkle!


Jingle bells jingle bells,
Christmas magic is here to spread,
Santa has come to town with a sack of goodies,
Riding on his sledge
Jingle bells jingle bells,
Sliding down the chimneys,
He is here with his reindeer companion,
To extent the cheer,
With hair as white as snow and red suit,
Star on the tree and snowman in the view,
Let’s be the beacon joy and happiness,
As this year comes to an end,
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Just me and you,
In a cottage for two,
N’ starry skies and the blossoming moonlight,
Giving noel vibes,
Love is in the air, for christmas is here.
Electric enchantment runs wild,
Bewitching canvas of God, the Earth.
Embellished with such beautiful colors,
Levitating people to cloud nine,
Laughter gleams all colorful cities,
Such splendid is thy glow.


Joy laughter ride of winter,
In the fresh flying snow .
Neighing of reindeers crossing milky way,
Tales of christmas jingle bells makes children’s night delight.
Going to pull a golden sleigh,
Laying under blanket waiting for stockings filled presents,
Early at christmas eve.
Blinking lights adorned windows and doors,
Listening to christmas carols ,
Loving the sparkling snowflakes on trees,
Voice of santa around the corners.


Jingle bells,
Jingle bells,
Jingle all the way
Chorused the carolers
As Santa flew in
With goodies for all
Caste, class,
age, sex,
no bar,
Announcing the season
To spread,
Lots of love and cheer.


On one silent night with glittering stars,
I donned on my favourite red pajamas,
and hid behind the Christmas tree,
unbeknownst to my paapa and momma.
When I’d hear the sleigh bells jingle,
and Santa would shimmy down the chimney,
I’d spring a surprise on the jolly old fellow, wouldn’t that be exciting and funny?
But as my eyelids got heavy with sleep,
I burrowed under the warm blanket,
when I woke up on Christmas morn,
I figured that I had missed my target.


The bells of joy
are ringing loud
and clear,
Enveloping all in the cheer,
The merriment is heard
far and wide,
Each gathers under the mistletoe,
Hoping to be kissed by luck,
Love and good fortune!
The vibes of positivity
Fills the air in joyful feel!


The little hazel eyes longingly looked through the window
At the carols, headed by Santa with a jingling sound
Secretly wishing would she get a yummy choco cake?
Oh, she knew only if some of the woollen caps
Perfectly knitted by her mother would be sold
It was almost midnight, on Christmas eve
She heard the jingle bells at their doorstep
For a moment she felt, was she imagining? No!
A stout man with a white beard in a red coat
Grabbed few caps, paid more, disappeared like dust
She noticed the twinkle in his eye and smiled to herself


Jingle bells , jingle bells, jingle all way!
Oh ! what fun it is to be always happy and gay!

Dancing away the blues,
Living as we choose,
Sweet and spicy life,
Kicking all the strife!
Jingle bells , jingle bells,
Jingle all the way.

With stars in our eyes,
Twinkling at the skies,
Skipping and at play,
Let’s all ride the sleigh, Hey!
Oh ! let’s get together and to the music sway!


Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it used to be
When life was young and gay!
Darkest lips I wore
And the blush would be all gold
All hairdos would take hours of mine
When the sun wasn’t this old!
Flab would never show
In the skimpiest of outfits…
Wrinkles never jogged around
Nor were eyebags such misfits!
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way
Sprinkle golden dust on me
And keep aging at bay, hey!


“Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Alethaaa play Jingle bells!”
I hear your two year old voice commanding Alexa to play your current favourite song.
Your brother is working hard at a jigsaw puzzle and says “Not againnnn!!”.
Your father is busy sorting out some long pending DIY tasks and is rather oblivious of what’s happening around him.
Tomorrow is Christmas and we are all looking forward to Santa’s visit.
That one day where I wish his magic worked on me too.
“Tanta Claus, Tanta Claus “ you shout out as if reading my mind.
Alexa has finally obliged so I lift you up in my arms and together we dance.
Me, desperately trying to preserve this moment,
To help me revel in the pure innocence of childhood.


The mellifluous tunes of jingle bells
And the tinker of the wind chimes on cold nights.
Of the flamboyance of the satiny ribbons ready to embellish the spruce tree.
And the moments passing in a jiffy.
Of a cauldron of happiness purging my weary soul
And delectations  ready to roll.
It came upon a midnight clear
Filling the air with mirth and cheer.
Ecstasy knew no bound
Everyone was flippant around.
A kaleidoscope of joy was painted on life’s canvas.
The plump old man was about to grace us.
It is the time for fruitcakes and carols
For the Red nose reindeer and blithesome heralds.


Blue butterflies dance in my stomach every time
your eyes meet mine in the light of the sun every time i look at you is like always like first time, a great emotion.
Days by day, my deep love grows like the roots of our souls. Love make sings Jingle bells, jingle bells, love bells plays in my heart
Your smiles you wear are the gifts most precious and beautiful to me


Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way
Santa Claus, please help me to keep my stress at bay, hey
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Santa Claus, please teach me to fight my fears away
Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh
When you arrive, at my place I want you to stay
Please don’t go, my dear friend
Stay with me till the day ends
Alone I feel in this world
In front of you, all emotions I wish to unfurl
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Santa Claus, I will also give you goodies and make your day, hey
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all way
Santa Claus, thank you for everything, is all I want to say


Jingle Bells
𝙅oy of sharing, 
𝙄gnites brotherhood and
𝙉egates all sorrows. 
𝙂alloping Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
𝙇eads the way for Santa to
𝙀ntertain us with 
𝘽eautiful gifts and carols. 
𝙀nduring the icy cold weather, 
𝙇eaping into our hearts are the
𝙇ights of love and care as the
𝙎tar had risen. 


Slushy snow embracing winter wells
As universe chime jingle bells
Carnival charm adorning wonderland
Scent of adoration twirling hearts
with the wand of warmth
Melting marshmallow
Satiate sugar craving
in a festive glow


J- Just a few days left ,
I- In some time Christmas will arrive.
N- Now start the preparations,
G- Get packing the lovely presents.
L- let yourself get immersed in the fun.
E- Entertain your friends with stories of run.
B- Better yet tell them all the scenes behind your pictures.
E- Fathomless happiness and joy of Christmas.
L- luxury of spending time with family and friends.
L- let’s be grateful for this season.
S- Something so beautiful and unique.

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