The Last Sunset of the Year

We asked our community to write their last poem for 2021… and spend the new year’s away from social media with family.

Here are the winners of 2021’s last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


As I strolled over the cold asphalt,
The horizon blushed in crimson hue-
Nature’s ode to the last sunset of the year
The Christmas lights still lit all around
Awaiting to greet the first of January
I went on down the road
A yearning rose in my heart
Just a little more
And I shall be home
I shall be home.


Silk cotton flowers are dipped gold at fuchsia edges,
Pirouette down to earth in spangles gold
Falling as if falling in love; a dazzling quietus to behold!
Nature drapes the aurous veil of dusk,
Frilled with twilight’s diaphanous umbrage
Wild geese fly in silhouettes dark, o’er glittering shores and ochre days I waltz into the horizon reliving time, in fragrant dulcet solitude
Nostalgia wafts through my pores,
And silence simmers in abandoned quietude…
Seraphic, I drink to dregs,
The last sunset of the year 


I can see the end, but I am too tired to cross it, crawling, aching, barely moving, just surviving.
All the energy I had at the start, scorched by the sun.
The pauses I took, helped me breathe, never gave up, though I felt weak.
I have given too much to this race and I will not be beat, though the ground has been shaken below my feet.
The race has changed the person in me, I am not in a better place, but a better person now.
My heart filled with gratitude that I could reach closer to the periphery.
I tremble, I quiver, I shudder, I shiver.
I reach the finish line somehow, reckoning my suffering was over.
As I flung over the satin, I reached a new start.
This year transcends to another, the end was a beginning and the circle never concludes.
The last sunset of the year, transforms to a new dusk and dawn.


Azure blue skies pierced with flecks of orange and yellow,
Evening at dusk in a mood mellow.
Colourful hues set the horizon ablaze,
The skyline awashed with the departing sun rays.

Light beams slowly slide down the sky,
It’s time to bid 2021 goodbye.
The last sunset of the year evokes mixed feelings,
Will it be the same or will we move towards healing?

Expectant eyes follow the luminous disappearing glow,
Sunrise tomorrow should rid us of our woe!
Anticipation and optimism are riding all hearts,
We will with hope, this year part!


The last sunset of 2021 hides behind
clouds of despair
but shoots a ray of hope
to look forward to In 2022.
Time marches ahead,
Leaving behind A clutch of memories
Sad and joyous.
You have Twilight Twice,
once when The sun sets
And then, also at sunrise.
It’s all about perception.
Take your pick


O the somber skies, O the chilly winds;
What this new year will bring
I truly cannot decipher,
My hopes are at their apex to firmly believe
That the last sunset of this year, 
Will take away with it all misery, malice and grief.
The first hour of the new calendar, 
Will emit joys too huge and new desires too;
Oh! dear clock, it’s time to welcome 2022 and bid 2021 adieu.
I can say precisely tonight it won’t be the end of this book,
But it will be the end of a chapter to read a fresh one;
Perhaps stuffed with a lot of mysteries, campaigns and fun.


We start with big news – filling in
The physical gaps between phone calls,
Admiring new homes and babes in arms –
Almost-finished stories that the first additions’ clamor interrupts.
Dusk approaches as we tour rosy streets,
The last sunset of the year setting riverbanks
Aglow with a blush of happiness to be reunited in person at last.
Our conversation fades to secret smiles
And sips of wine as the sun’s embers light the shrieks
Of chasing and laughter from our children,
As if they’ve also been too long apart.


I stand still at your beauty
like as I always do.
May be you knew what
you are,
and the impression
you leave on people,
as you knew you,
you stand there
magnificently with your million color show,
every evening a new one.


The memories flooding through my eyes,
Of the good and the bad,
Of the happiness and the sad,
Of the lows and the highs,
A blessing in disguise.
The giant red ball of fire
That sinks in earth’s outline
Takes with it, my problems
That were standing in the line.
It signs me off with a promise
To greet me with new rays
Of every color of life
And not just the blue and grays.


The last sunset of the year

The hills were outlined beautifully against the glowing sky
Stole a glance through my window
There was a tinge burnt umber to the sky
Doubtlessly could Delight one’s heart at once
The bitter cold signaled a December evening
The sky Exhibits the most beautiful & dramatic ending with twilight
Intermingled with thoughts of past and present
Leaving the sad abyss as the sun went down
Now is the time to embrace a sweeter future
The sunset in my heart I bore , long after it was seen no more
Precisely the last sunset of the year.


The Last Sunset of the year
We all await with a grin and a tear,
To the last sunset of the year..
The year which has passed giving sobs and cheers..
The year to which we look forward with courage and revere,
We all await,
The last sunset of the year..
The year that has passed of calamities, pandemic and stress,
The year of queer debacles, shattering hopes and of distress,
For some it brought joy, success and progress,
For some others it brought concerns and matters to assess,
But we all look at it as a past not reappear
And we all just await…
The last sunset of the year..
To wake up next Morning,
To set a new goal,
To hasten our efforts, to be a better soul.
With a hope that the NEW YEAR
Brings no warning and mourning,
The mistakes of past should be an end here.
Let’s repent for the wrong and forgive and stay clear..
Here, I await
The last sunset of the year..


With every sunset we express the end of something, 
With every sunset we feel the warmth fading in,
With every sunset we smother ourselves with thoughts too depressing;
But, all sunset doesn’t mark the doom,
The last sunset of a year denotes a new flower will bloom. 
The last sunset of a year brings new cherishment, strength and desires;
Like the last sunset of this year will awake some fresh concepts, 
Fresh zeal and fresh appetite to enrich this life will knock at the door;
Also the cascade of sour and sweet memories that this year has made,
Will always remain in a book called soul.


The melting hues of the radiant Sun kissed my fore-head.
This Sunset was special and memorable.
It was the last day of the year,
it reminded me that good times lay ahead.
The radiant glow of the setting Sun,
told me that you and I are inseparable.
You are the spark of hope,
that will keep me going.
With you beside me, I will keep on achieving.
Keep inspiring me, to scale new heights.
You and I together will create many positive vibes.


As I watch the last sunset of the year
Myriad emotions flood my mind
Tomorrow heralds a new dawn
A sunrise that ushers hope
It’s time to stop ruminating about bygones
The setting sun also advises us the same
Make peace with the past
Learning to let go
Is vital before we step into the new year


Before the last sunset of the year,
I want to see you one more time,
Before the clock strikes twelve,
I want to tell you my secret,
Before we step into the night,
I want to see your eyes shine bright,
I want to hold you tight,
I want to just have fun,
Just stay by my side, don’t run,
Let’s together say goodbye to 2021.


With the last sunset of the year
Life has brought me to its heels
With its vice like grip.
A barrel of memories has turned over
Creating a coruscating kaleidoscope of reminiscence.
Redolent of the bygone days
A Ritzy year Lies ahead
With hopes of a better tomorrow.
Dreams lay scattered like a corsage
On the vista afar
Educing hope from vagrant memoirs.


The last sunset of the year
Swells my heart with cheer.
On a terrace walking for hours,
Time doesn’t seem to move any faster.
Minute by minute it goes by.
The day ends with me alone,
One with the sky with no Fear.


Look at the last sunset of the year,
And prepare yourself with new energy my dear.
Though a dark night will follow after this sunset,
Remember a new dawn awaits you with bright morning I bet.
Learn from the past and move forward,
You will be able to find the better way ahead.
Grab the upcoming opportunities,
Open the door to try all the possibilities.
Stay positive as the new year is all set to welcome you,
Embrace the first ray of sun and begin your 2022.


The last sunset of the year,
You brought me a hope so clear
That after darkness, their is light.
After tragedy there’s always a surprise.
The sun that is about to set
Spreads a message that it will awake
To gear us from our inside fears
To boost in us a new pioneer.
The last sunset of the year.
You are to me so dear,
As you rear a message so wise
That after sunset that will be sunrise.


The last sunset of the year,
Beckoned me beguilingly,
Burnished in the essence of
compassionate flame,
It burnt powerfully,
A soft glow of humility
Wrapped its light around me,
I sat looking at it
Lost in its hues
I saw only Hope smiling
longingly at me
O’ dear lass
I wish you see a beautiful
Sunrise with all your
Cherished dreams and desires
I smiled and said
“I hope the same for all”


Last sunset of this year,
Had a morning with cheers in the ear,
Somewhere left me teary-eyed but it is the tears of gratitude…
My every breath says thank you so much Kanha ji,
My reason to live,
My family is healthy and by my side,
My child like bro and my mom has become the winners in the battle of life,
My creator…
I waited for long 75days to see us three without hospital chaos and yes that sunset finally arrived…we all survived…
Yes this sunset…we survived.

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