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Concealer, Mascara, Lipstick, Lip Balm
Everything in her kitty, yet she is not calm
She has all the riches in the world
But her true emotions are never unfurled
Dressed in a beautiful chiffon saree, hair tied in a chignon with makeup perfect
The business mogul’s wife is showered with heaps of praises when she is decked
With a fake smile, she greets
Everyone she meets
But her body language hides her pain
The scars have been concealed once again
Behind the closed doors, there are many stories that her heart yearns to tell
She wants to hit, cry and yell
But she is the epitome of peace and grace
Suppresses her tears, so that the makeup is never out of place…


“What is this Mummy?” you ask me, holding my pink lipstick in your little hand
“It’s a lipstick , child” I explain to you, “it’s for grown-ups only”.
“Please can you keep it back in its place?” I request you gently.
You look up at me, a million questions seem to be whirring around in your head.
The lipstick stares smugly at me from your curious hand.
“Can children use it Mummy?” you ask innocently.
“It’s only for grownups” I repeat, a slight irritation creeping up into my voice.
You now begin to fiddle with the lipstick, rotating it in and out of its case.
“Stop that!” I shout in annoyance, afraid that you will destroy my prized possession.
You stare at me defiantly and I walk out of the room,
In the hope that diffusing the situation might help.
I impatiently let a few minutes pass and come back to see you standing in front of the mirror,
Your mouth smeared with my favourite hue.
You look at me and I burst out laughing,
Your innocence winning me over, yet again!


Her face shone,
Under the lights, like a star.
The bright lipstick that
Painted her lips red,
And the mascara that
Tinted her skin,
Skillfully masked the
Purple colours on her face,
Making her look pretty.
Was it the real beauty?
Well! Sighed she,
And gave the most charming smile.

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Lipsticks, diamonds, chocolates or dolls
We need no age to deal with them all
We can cry when we want
We can pout, laugh and flaunt
We can gossip heartily or be a snob
Yet manage to be your heartthrob
Whether the weaker sex or not
Motherhood cannot with power be brought
It’s we that put life into everything
Rejoice Women!!
Gallop, sway and swing!


Melding the primer onto the dewy skin
Highlighting her features, she radiates her sheen
A tinge of scarlet blush on the apple of her cheeks
A plop of shimmering gloss on her luscious lips
A dash of mascara for those luminous eyes
A generous line of kohl for her hazel brown orbs
A simpleton plain jane or an outlandish belle
Her make-up is not a façade but her reason to rejoice
Let’s applaud her sans any judgements, it’s her choice!


I trust my mascara
For keeping my secrets, changing the look in a wonderful manner
I like the kajal,
the way it holds my tears, not letting out what goes inside
Dear eyeliner, thank you
For the makeup on my swollen eyes look pretty
Hey lipstick how beautifully you cover up those bruises
with your color and my lips
would fake a smile
My cheek’s blushing through pink blusher concealing my scars
I try to look different putting on Make-ups, in this scary world.
But, any make-up is there to hide cruelty?


I have a penchant for all kinds of makeup, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and kohl, lipsticks, blush, highlighter and lip liner,
are all essential to my cosmoholic soul.
I am an expert at contouring,
I strive to keep it natural, I never overdo,
the expertise with which I apply the wingtip liner, is a skill I mastered after an attempt or two.
The problem with makeup is the after-effects, I’m afraid,
wiping off the greasepaint is an arduous task indeed,
therefore if you care for your skin,
a good makeup remover is something you obviously need.


Smeared mascara,
I’m besmirching to let you see.
Why? Why, when my cheeks are crimson,
you never notice me?
I’m putting on makeup,
not to hide my tears.
I’m putting on glosses,
for my smile could,
facilely disappear.
And you would notice,
but my mislaid smile.
Beneath the portiere,
I was left fragile.
Did you know?
My kajal,
dripping in delicacy,
calling for us, behind.
I ridicule my makeup,
to be 24×7,
on your mind.


For few moments let’s dry the eyes,
place some liner over the waterlines,
Add few invisible mascara strokes,
On the curly lashes who pokes,
Put some light dark smoky shades,
To cover the eye lids with grace,
They talk more than the glossy lips,
Beautiful eyes can see the beautiful things.

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