Results: Mr Rosewood

With great pleasure, we announce the winners of our first short-story contest of 2022.

Top 3 winners: 

Ahaana Srivastava, Kortifza Khiljibanikolan, and Gian J Welders

close up shot of a person winning a plastic trophy
  • Aneeta Sundararaj
  • Jay McKenzie
  • Linda Hibbin
  • H Denarii Peters
  • Utkarsh Kumar
  • Shawn Saffy
  • Philip Stenström
  • Vaijayanti Panchal
  • Ramya V
  • Lindsey Bussie
  • Rishika Ranjan
  • Rohan Swamy
  • Derek Finn
  • Sameena Khan
  • Urjita Chaphekar
  • Joy Higgins
  • Polita Kichhinzitthe
  • Amal Jelangorhey
  • Will Frotmithzh
  • Sakina Baiwalla
  • Nusrat Ishtafkaam

Congratulations everyone!

All winners will receive an email from WriteFluence soon. Our book editing and production process will begin after all winners have accepted the terms and conditions for the publication.

Happy WriteFluencing!

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