India, a land where every day is a fiesta by Vini Kunhappan

It’s that time the year again, when cobwebs will be hunted, new linen will be spread. The highly protected china will be used and of course  the annual shopping, family gatherings  and not to forget  the mouth watering  delicacies. Yes, the festivals are here with a bang. It’s  even more special as the celebrations  are in full swing  after a two year break due to the pandemic. The streets are  lit up and the beautiful  aromas of the sweetmeats  are already floating  in the air.

The festivals  in our country India have its  own charm. Each village, town, city or state has its own tradition, cultures and beliefs of celebrating  different  festivals.

It is famously  said that  “Kos-kos par badle paani, chaar kos par baani  (The language spoken in India changes every few kilometres, just like the taste of the water).”

The very same can be said for the festivals of India. As children we must have learnt about the types of festivals celebrated in our country, mainly religious, harvest, seasonal, national. But the festivities are not restricted to just that. We celebrate the birth of our heroes to our daughters; light up the sky if India wins the cricket world cup or for that matter just defeats Pakistan.  We also celebrate good movies. The list is endless.

Our country is such that we tend to celebrate and enjoy the smallest of joys and share happiness. In a country where people fight over their religious, cultural, social and political differences. These festivals help us forget our differences and bring us together in harmony. Keeping our differences aside, we enjoy and soak in each other’s culture’s. 

The festivals not only bring people from all walks of life together but also help us to take a break from our hectic schedules, spend time with family and friends and most importantly throw us off our diets. For we know that food is an inalienable part of all Indian festivals. The modaks of Ganpati, the plum cake of Christmas, the sevai of Eid, the khara prasad of Guru Nanak Jayanti. Food and festivals in India, can never be apart.

group of happy people holding sparklers

Our country turns into a colorful  canvas during the festivities. It’s hard to imagine  life without  festivals. In a country like ours, festivals  form an integral  part of our day to day life. You pull out that almanac  of “Kalnirnay” and you will  find out there is something  to celebrate throughout  the year.

Everyone is struggling and trying to make up in this fast-paced world. These festivals do bring a breath of fresh air. Helping us to cope up with our life for a little while in a fun, much happier, peaceful and more harmonious way.  After the struggle the world has been through in the past two years. I hope these festivities bring new hope and joy in everyone’s life. Happy festivals and holidays to everyone. 

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  1. Beautiful πŸ™‚

  2. Always a festival going on in India it seems. I had a blast when I visited India during Diwali.

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  6. Beautifully described…πŸ‘

    Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture, and traditions. They are meant to rejoice in special moments and we are a culture of fiesta.

  7. Beautifully described. πŸ‘

    Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture, and traditions. They are meant to rejoice in special moments and we are a culture of fiesta.

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