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My father and I would often sit by the window in companionable silence, engrossed in books or music.
Around us, the world was in a hurry to do something, to be somewhere, or to become someone.
We were happily oblivious to this urban urgency, secure in our cocoon.
Sometimes we would share a snack, and at other times, he would tell me a story of his beloved motorbike.
This time and space with my father was precious beyond measure.
Much like that window we sat beside,
Lending new perspectives, a breath of fresh air.


Daddy a word which was dear to her heart,
The spirit of the word closest to her soul,
The beat of the word closer than her heartbeat,
To stay without all from decades,
How did it so happen!
The epitome of her life,
The guiding light of her existence,
The reason she smiled,
Her mischievous twinkle,
Just like the elf who was given all,
One day it was taken all from her,
Just like that,
In the diary of memories,
All that is writing in bold is,
I miss you every single moment!


A fading face hard to remember.
A floater who disappeared,
Throughout my growing period.
Popping out of nowhere and,
Acting like a hero.
Whom I believed so in my toodler-hood.
Now a stranger with nothing good.
Never was I daddy’s little girl,
Or made cards for father’s day.
How do I trust any man?
When my heart was broken by my father.
Who pushed me right out of his world.
Just a old story to be forgotten.
I have stitched my wounds,
And painted my dreams without you.
I feel sorry for never having a chance to know,
How amazing I am.


He is my dad, my hero!
In his warm embrace, I would my head burrow.
Growing up was fun with him around,
His little treats numbed the prick of mom’s dressing downs!
Hovering in the background, he would wait for his chance,
To shield us from her, when she would on us angrily advance !
One childhood memory stands out by far,
The weekly Sunday trip with him to the bazaar!
My bro and I would wait impatiently for that day,
To return with pockets filled with sparkly nail polishes and jazzy cars!
Dad was always the indulgent of the two,
Under his gentle guidance and love we blossomed and grew!


I am snuggling
to your chest
Making your lap
my cozy nest
You’re so big
I am so small
In your arms,
my world is whole.


I love you my dear daddy
You always get me ready
You are my superhero
Yet you give me wings to fly
Cant live a day without you
There is nobody like you
Ice cream or popcorn
I always want to share with you
I love you my dear daddy
My life is full of surprises
With you I always feel


Dear to heart
Affectionate to the core
Determined to give us a good life,
Destined to be called DADDY
You are the first hero DADDY.
You make me augh,
Your sacrifices, aah.. Words aren’t enough,
To express the same.
Holding your hand,
Makes me feel secure.
Destined to be called DADDY
You are the first hero DADDY.


They literally had their hand wrapped around your finger,
The most amazing feeling, you wanted to let it linger.
That feeling of unknowing what the future held,
But knowing that this love never would be quelled.
You had hope and excitement for the future together,
Two peas in a pod, two birds of a feather.
All those big dreams wrapped up in a babygrow.
Turned into reality, in the child who loves you so.
Although they may not hold your hand quite so much,
They will never be too big for your loving touch.
Now you’re wrapped around THEIR finger, nowhere you’d rather be.
You are their superhero, the one they call “Daddy”.


A true guide ,my superhero Dear Dad , holding your hand I paint a new dream for tomorrow Your amazing story telling skills , have moulded me indeed You have always sheltered us with your banyan shade Come rain or sunny days , you never did rest Helping me carve my dreams consistently You have supported my stand dedicatedly On this father’s day , I pray for you genuinely I promise to hold your hand , during your bleak days wholeheartedly.


“Conditions apply?”
Tiny fingers grabbing daddy’s paw for support
Warmth, love, stability they crave.
Fatherhood be a miracle, they say
Fathers bleed silently, they say.
‘Tis the day to love thy father.
I see these adverts, i see the sales
Lets celebrate dads in every which way
But pray, tell me!
When will come the day
for those whipped and slayed,
for those (slut) shamed and discarded,
for those who wait
for their estranged fathers love
A love without any fine print at play!

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