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Under the umbrella
Of democracy
All diverse thoughts
And spoke their mind
Without fear
Despite an autocratic storm
And threatening to blow away
The freedom that
The umbrella granted.


Under your umbrella
I hold onto your arm
Our hearts sing a capella
Our feet pacing under the charm

God, the finest matchmaker
Sprays us with fine raindrops
We’re way past the baker
Hoping the rain never stops

I’ll admit years later
Snuggled to my love’s chest:
“I did have a warm sweater
and a brolly in my bag. 


You save me from the torrential rains
Nevertheless, what about the piercing pains?
Given by my most beloved ones
Everyday my vulnerable heart feels torn
Wish I could shield it too
Wish I could cover it too
Wish I could get an umbrella, coloured red
Protecting my inner self from feeling dead
Giving me happiness, joy and immense pleasure
Making my life as valuable like a priceless treasure.


It’s a wet and windy September morning
We stand outside the school gate
The excitement of a new school year abuzz around us
“Can you spot my best friend, mummy?” you ask me nervously

Your little hand tightens its grip around mine
I want to see your innocent face
But your umbrella hides you completely
So I kneel down to look at you

In that moment you appear to be so vulnerable
Your bright eyes and cheeky smile melt my heart
“I am ok mummy” you bravely reassure me
Your yellow umbrella like a golden halo above you
Reminding me of a gorgeous cherub


All colours of rainbow stood in the park
These were the happy children holding umbrellas in their hands
The rain, the drizzle and the putter patter
The smiles on dimple cheeks
The white teeth some perfect, some missing
The gleam, the mischief and naughty smiles
But the red umbrella stood away from the crowd
Under it, was an angry red face, rebellious and all.
The kids were confused to see his expression
But he really created an impression.
All the umbrellas came together
The kids together tickled and chuckled
The red umbrella laughed and laughed
And brought the happiness to the park.


My red umbrella stood in the corner,
At the threshold of life,
A gentle reminder to the beautiful memories of my childhood,
The childlike me forgotten in the
demands of existence,
As the rains come to remind me to be childlike again,
My beautiful umbrella tucked by my side,
We play in the rain,
Sailing colourful paper boats,
Swishing in the puddles,
Sipping on piping hot coffee and samosas,
Drenching and reliving the childhood once again!


Raindrops calm my heart
Green everywhere the beauty
Of Cascade enchants me again
and again could control my delight
Remembering the golden days of
Childhood dancing in the puddles
Having an umbrella on head those
Were dreamy days.

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