New Year Resolutions

A year which comes with all the new beginnings leaving behind all the scars, pain and sorrows of the previous year. This is something so common isn’t it? We love each other, we have egos , we have grudges within us, but we choose to move ahead and that’s called the positivity which we make in the start of a new beginning. Just moving ahead and forgetting the past. Is it necessary to follow this as new year resolutions only?? Why can’t we do this in our regular ongoing life? Why can’t we stay positive throughout our problems? This is because a new year comes with lots of hopes that something will be better in this year. A resolution should be to make oneself more better than previous. A resolution should be a change within ourself. A passion to stay on that path which will make you more better and happy. Fighting with the previous year taught me how not to be devalued. How to stand for myself and something that will always matter will be myself. My worth, My dignity and the most important how much I love myself. One thing I have realised is that if we can’t love ourself, than we should not expect it from others to love us in a way which we want. We are the only one who can love ourself the way we want. Nobody is gonna help to love you. So my new year resolution will be to love myself more each and every day with accepting all my flaws, my fatty body, my ruined up face with lots of acne. This year I will have less complains and more gratitude. I will change my insecurities with security and my egos with kindness. My bad days to good days, Negativity to positivity, hate to love and all the possible changes which will bring up the best in me..

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