Everyone needs space

We all are habituated of using every bit of everything. It’s a good thing we do not waste anything. But don’t you feel if a person uses all of their space then nothing is left with them to grow.

I am talking about the space we needed to survive. If we fill a room with lots of stuff, then there’s merely any space left for movement or for cleaning. And for sure, when no one lives there then no one’s cleaning there. Do you know what will happen with that room, it’ll become a dark and comfortable place for insects, like spiders, rats etc. It’ll become dirtier day by day and most of the time it will be closed or even locked to hide it. No sunlight touxhing it leaves the room with smell and the moisture will damage the stored things there.

It’s just an example, think about it – what will happen to the human brain, when we filled it fully with damp things of no use, there is no space left for the movement of any positive thought, and cleaning that we only do in outside world, not inside our brain, even that too needed the same process of cleaning of distorted thoughts. We close it totally to hide our faulty look, no sunlight reach there and it only inflate damage to it.

We can say nothing’s going to survive there.

In that case, we have to understand that everyone needs space, be it plants, they can’t grow in a bowl. For growth they need space for themselves.

When things are not going in a great way, give them space to nurture, be it in our mind.

Just relax for few minutes daily, avoid the unnecessary things, nothing going out of our life if we give few minutes or we can say few space to ourselves to blossom.

It will rejuvenate ourselves. We will surely feel better and do our best.

Do things for yourself because when you serve yourself better than only you can serve others better.

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