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  • Optimism

    His daughter keeps on messaging me every now and then to check about her father’s health. She feels extreme nostalgia due to his absence at the house. Every time she makes a video call to see her father the urge to meet him is clearly visible in her eyes.

  • The journey to Earth

    It’s 2045! Have you been to Earth of late? Time travel alongwith D. Thanughna!

  • Why? (2)

    The moment I saw her everything around me was serene. It might be because of the devotional vicinity. Her pink dupatta with golden border was elegantly matching with the green shade of her kurti and the French braid open brown hairs were freshly washed and smelled pleasant. Her nails were painted red and perfectly twinned the ankle length legging she wore.

  • Why?

    Can you just believe a male and a female can’t be friends for this society? Everyone thinks I and Rohan are in a love relationship but none of us have those feelings for each other. Even Rohan today decided to break our five years plus friendship. He says, “let’s take a break.”
    We have shared so much with each other. We were so happy in our regular lives but the society’s thinking spoiled everything.

  • Every teller’s untold story

    What would happen if a teller machine could speak? Have you ever wondered how much your words can hurt or comfort someone/something? Here is a speech by Mr. Rndaata Rao. “I’m a bank staff who joined his job a couple… Read More ›

  • Human Intimacy – the story of an Inhuman

    Unlike all others I’m not born with a fleshy skin, nor spent nine months in a mother’s womb but I was able enough to make my family feel happy and every moment they spend with me would be a memorable… Read More ›

  • The EPIDEMIC is not yet over!

    Is the worse really behind us?

  • The Indian first month

    They came at the dining table within 5 minutes of the announcement as if they were eagerly waiting for this breaking news to be announced.

  • January

    January is a month of pleasant winters and new hopesfor our changes these thirty-one days are the only scopes,It’s the time of grabbing sweaters for a fresh beginningwhen everyone wants their flaws to be skipping. This is a season of… Read More ›

  • Resolutions are always Illusions

    Closing her textbook Neha strolled towards the kitchen to take her plate as if she has defeated Integration with the help of Okra.

     “Aai, call me out only if the evening snacks are ready” said Neha and closed the door of her room  after she finished her lunch.