Free: An Absolute and Equal For All

To be free is an emotion desired by all,
Talked about widely yet it stands unfathomed & stalled.
Its essence still wrapped in dark ,
I wonder would it ever get revealed or continue to walk in a lighter spirit.


His daughter keeps on messaging me every now and then to check about her father’s health. She feels extreme nostalgia due to his absence at the house. Every time she makes a video call to see her father the urge to meet him is clearly visible in her eyes.

Why? (2)

The moment I saw her everything around me was serene. It might be because of the devotional vicinity. Her pink dupatta with golden border was elegantly matching with the green shade of her kurti and the French braid open brown hairs were freshly washed and smelled pleasant. Her nails were painted red and perfectly twinned the ankle length legging she wore.